About FF&S

About FF&S

We’re not just another pretty business supplies vendor.

Since we founded FF&S, Inc. in 1986 we’ve learned from, adapted to and moved with the market, meeting the changing needs of the industries we serve, as well as one need that never changes: the need for high-quality value. From our core expertise with banking and financial services, we’ve grown our offerings and our clientele to include nearly 800 companies in industries as diverse as transportation, education, government, construction, food services, and even professional sports. Our team takes pride in providing the kind of service that wows our customers. From our in-depth, insightful analysis to our streamlined programs, and all the way to our warehouses and back again, we deliver value. We love the challenge of finding ways to save your company money, and we love taking care of the people who put their trust in not only our programs but our team. We’re passionately committed to the kind of excellence that often makes our customers view us as an extension of their organizations.


You like to know who you’re dealing with, especially when it affects your bottom line. So, we provide personal service based on strong relationships, even as our company grows and our reach extends across the country. We love what we do, and we think it shows — in the people we hire and the way we do business.



We believe in bringing unparalleled service to our customers and their businesses. Our customers have hard jobs, with plenty of pressure. We help them keep things running smoothly, adapting to their business processes, providing versatile solutions to their needs and bringing a transparency to what we do so they know that our best is helping them be their best.


We believe that service goes hand-in-hand with commitment to our customers. Our customers rely on us not only to help them save money but also to help them save time. They can see our commitment to their success in our passion for what we do as well as our follow-through and caring support. They know we’re in it with them, alongside them every step of the way.


We believe that business relationships are ineffective without strong human relationships. Our customers don’t need another vendor. They need a partner. And, to us, that translates not only to dependability but also to the kind of personal relationship that opens the way for honesty and true caring. You can’t be a partner if you don’t know not only your customers’ businesses but also your customers — the people who make those businesses go.


We believe that healthy businesses help create strong communities. This is a very personal, deeply-felt value for us. We are very consciously building upon a legacy started more than 30 years ago, and we know that helps build strong communities. We support the communities we serve through volunteering and through helping businesses build their own legacies for their own communities to benefit from.